Weapons and Armour

Weapon and Armour Rating

Weapon rating is the minimum amount of damage dealt on an attack. For example, if Molag the gladiator strikes a Thri-Kreen for 3 shifts using a dagger, that has a weapon rating 1, Molag would inflict 3 damage. If the same hit used a Gythka, weapon rating 4, he would inflict 4 damage.

An armoured character takes a maximum amount of damage equal to their armour rating.

Weapon and Armour Materials

Most weapons and armour are made from inferior materials in Dark Sun. Obsidian, bone, chitin wooden or flint weapons and armour all have the aspect ‘Brittle’.

Weapons made from inferior materials have a weapon rating one lower than an equivalent metal weapon.

Armour which requires rigid plating also has an armour rating one higher (i.e., worse) than equivalent metal armour.

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Weapons and Armour

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