Bittle is a cute little halfling that loves to eat.


Aspects: Tree Hugger, Cherubic Innocence, Trusting Face, Animals Love Me, Tastes Like Chicken
Skills: Power of Creatures (4), Power of Nature (3), Power of Life (3), Alchemy (2), Athletics (2), Power of Weather (2), Resolve (1), Survival (1), Endurance (1), Rapport (1)
Stunts: Plant Warrior (Nature), Plant Spirit (Nature), Major Healing (Life), Wildshape (Creatures)
Refresh: 2

Character Sheet


Bittle is a misunderstood halfling that likes to explore and experience life. A little naive, she was captured and forced into slavery. She has since decided this is not the life for her, and is currently helping her new found friends escape.


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